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Who we are... We are a group of wine lovers on a mission to share fine French wine with the world. How it began... LGV started as a mission to embody the culture and experience of tasting French wines We wanted to allow anyone, no matter where they’re from or their familiarity with wine, to feel indulged with our wines with the freedom of sampling, and without the need to open an entire bottle. Our mission was also driven by purpose. We sought to feature small winemakers and primarily female-led estates over commercial wineries. Our sustainable packaging is also made from recycled, double-coated PET. We believe that you don’t have to compromise quality or purpose to bring the experience of French wine to everyday life. When we toured French estates to ensure that we sourced the absolute best wines, we found that, true to French culture, each wine and estate told a story. From seeing decade-long family legacies to meeting estate owners who had planted the vineyards themselves, we have come to feel that LGV is more than tasting wine. We are so passionate about the stories and culture that each sip of LGV wine holds that we want to share it with as many as possible. We aim to bring centuries of French heritage to you, packaged in a modern way to be enjoyed anywhere, anytime to make everyday moments extraordinary.

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