Trusted Since 1999, we are committed to delighting you with superior service and amazing prices on the finest jewelry. is a fine jewelry marketplace, where you can buy direct from the designers and manufacturers that supply the big retailers. Did you know ours is one of the last remaining industries where retailers can charge 3x their costs and get away with it? We are changing that, and starting a new history together with both our loyal and new customers alike. Based in Austin, TX and Salt Lake City, UT—We are bringing trust and transparency to the opaque world of fine jewelry. We are grateful to be trusted by millions of happy customers for over 16 years. Our goal is to offer an exceptional shopping experience — because we know you deserve the best. is the first choice for fashionable, stylish shoppers who want to sparkle without breaking the bank. Everything you find on ships directly from the designers. This means that you truly get the best jewelry without inflated prices.



"Boompsdinks" - "The great shopping place with the crazy name".. Started out as an online gift shop. The idea was to bring great gift idea products made by companies with top shelf reputations in their niche, to the general public, all on one website.


Overtime, the number of vendors looking for advertising space on "Boompsdinks" increased dramatically, causing a single website to be too large and overly cluttered and complicated.


So with the intention of making the website more "user friendly" and more fair to our vendors, we decided to breakdown the one large complicated website, into a number of websites, that specialized in various marketing niches.  


As well the "Boompsdinks" name became part of "TeamRevolution2014". So now what we have is, the "Boompsdinks Family Of Online Stores". All grouped as part of the "Boompsdinks Marketing Group" 


Although "Boompsdinks" has diversified into various different marketing niches, the original "Boompsdinks Gift Ideas", does still exist, although in a more narrowly focused marketing niche. 


But make no mistake, "Boompsdinks Marketing", still strives to bring its customers the best products available, made by the best manufacturers, with with the great reputations, for making only the highest quality products.


So here we are, still trying to bring the best products, with the highest quality, at great prices, to our loyal customers. Thanks for staying with us.  :))





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