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Bake Me A Wish

Bake Me a Wish! started as the nationwide service for delivery of gourmet birthday cakes. Our cakes are made with only the finest, freshest ingredients by an award-winning family run New York bakery that also supplies pastries to some of Manhattan's most elite restaurants. We then added other gourmet bakery items - cookie and brownies - along with an exceptional selection of gift baskets (launching holiday 2012). We are happy to bring you our delicious gourmet gifts at an extremely affordable price. Now, whether it's your son in college, your trusted associate, your old friend, or your granddaughter across the country, you will always have a simple and wonderful way to remember them on the one day each year that belongs to them - their birthday. We believe there is no better way to celebrate a special day of the year than to send a little indulgence from someone who cares.

Gourmet Cakes

Thinking of You

Love and Romance

Happy Anniversary

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